Digital Architecture Design

Digital Architecture Design

We Make Your Digital Services Tick

We create you the architecture that supports your business and makes your digital services tick. There’s no single architecture model that suits every digital system or business model – or legislation. Instead, we will find the one that fits your unique needs, using our long experience with a wide variety of customers from small experimental startup businesses to governmental officials with millions of users and hyper-sensitive data privacy requirements. Be it serverless, monolithic, microservice, cloud-based, or in the basement of your office, you can trust that we have done it before. Together, we will plan for you the cost-efficient, performant solution and keep your data exactly where you want it.

The Right Cloud For You

When your business would benefit from a cloud environment, we will work together to find the perfect match. We have experience in major cloud service environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Heroku. We have also experience with several “regional” cloud providers that operate only in certain countries, so make sure to ask about all your options. Each provider has its strengths and weaknesses, and each provides multiple levels of automation and abstraction on top of the more traditional server offering. Each also has different options related to where your or your end users’ data is physically stored.

No Vendor Lock

Our software architecture will never “vendor-lock” you to us. Instead, we will only use well-documented solutions and provide you with all the information needed to operate your systems with any operator of your choosing.

We Can Operate

We will happily offer to operate your services and keep them secure for you, and with the 20+ years of experience operating critical governmental systems, we dare say we know what we are doing.

With Experience

When you have an experienced operating partner that knows your digital service and your business, you can safely focus on your core business. We got you covered.

Let's Build Something Sustainable

Leverage our experience and let us pick you the provider that adds value to your service, ensures compatibility with your local legislation, optimizes the cost structure, and gives your service the security and performance it requires.

Jouni Suutarinen

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
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