Cloud And Virtualization Consulting

Cloud And Virtualization Consulting

Your Agile Partner Form Advisory To Managed Operations

We design, build and operate the best cloud and virtualization solutions for your business needs. Our expertise is focused especially on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and STC Cloud (Saudi Arabia). Oivan’s professionals design the best architecture for your workloads and implement cloud best practices for cost efficiency, security and scalability, either as a private, hybrid or public cloud solution.

Oivan’s experts have been developing AWS-based solutions since 2012. We are also one of the foremost experts in implementing and deploying complex, business critical systems on STC Cloud. Our comprehensive experience gives us a strong foundation to design, build, migrate and operate 24/7 cloud solutions for our clients. We also have deep expertise in using Google Cloud Platform services.
For on-premise virtualized environments our expertise covers Nutanix, Cisco UCS, VMware vSphere, KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Cloud And Business Transformation Consulting

We help you translate your business strategy into a cloud strategy. The benefits of using cloud services depend on the type of industry, organization and its IT maturity level. Oivan’s cloud and virtualization advisory services cover the entire range from A to Z, from strategy to design and implementation to smaller assignments such as specific technical challenges.

Resiliency and Disaster recovery

  • We can help you design and build resilient cloud systems which can withstand unexpected events. Disaster recovery in the modern cloud era is critical; we can help you choose and implement proper disaster recovery solutions based on the cloud infrastructure you are using.

Cloud migration

  • Cloud migration requires a holistic approach to understand both the existing and new cloud infrastructure; and running systems and applications. With Oivan expertise in various cloud providers, and proven methodologies we can come up with a solid plan and execution for your cloud migration requirements with minimal downtime.

Security And Compliance

Suitability of virtualization and cloud services depend on your security and compliance needs. We help you to understand the possibilities and risks, including the shared responsibility model of cloud platforms.

Workload And Architecture

We help you to evaluate your workloads and assess their suitability for cloud. We work with you to design and implement your preferred enterprise architecture.

Deployments And Operations

We help you automate your cloud deployment and operation processes, increasing your organization’s velocity, preventing human errors and minimizing operating costs.

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