Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

With Expertise And Knowledge For Over 20 Years

Oivan is one of the most experienced vendor-independent cybersecurity consultants in the Middle East, with expertise and knowledge working with a variety of clients, from telecommunications service providers to financial institutions and government entities.

In addition to technical security audits and assessments, our team has considerable knowledge about security culture and mindsets, both in the Middle East and globally: Even the best technology solutions are not enough to ensure security in case there is a lack of security culture or attitudes towards security are wrong.

industry Best Practices

We carry out our work based on industry best practices such SANS, NIST, CIS, OWASP and OSSTMM. NXme’s experts also recommend and advice concerning compliance guidelines in our reports, including ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. Related to all assessment and testing work, Oivan will provide a concrete feedback on the security posture and progress, correlating the results of activities and comparing them to previous results, providing suggestions and recommendations.

Unauthorized Access

Determine if unauthorized access to key systems and files can be achieved – achieved through the review of processes, systems settings, vulnerability scans and penetration testing.

Security Baseline

We provide inputs for the development of a security baseline for IT systems – achieved through checklists and review security posture.
We portray security posture in point of time – achieved through VA and architecture review


We provide inputs for ISO 27001 compliance – achieved through Oivan’s reporting and checklists,  for PCI DSS compliance – achieved through Oivan’s reporting and checklists. For systems compliance with standards such as CISecurity, NIST, NSA STIG, SANS best practices – achieved through Oivan’s reporting and checklists.

Modular Methodology

Security auditing reveals security weaknesses and strengths in the customer’s business environment through risk assessment and analysis where the risk is calculated from weakness realization probability and business impact. Furthermore, the security posture of the customer is benchmarked against similar business cases in the same industry. Finally, applicable and effective security controls are proposed to mitigate the risks.

The standardized, modular structure of Oivan’s audit process enables our customers to benefit from an effective audit service, where modules are chosen based on the customer business environment and architecture. Our process for audit work includes meetings, workshops and interviews, which are used for collecting all information required for a comprehensive end result.

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Head of Cybersecurity
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Enterprise Sales
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