7.4.2021 / Dmitry Kolesnik
Bangkok / Thailand

When NXme and IWA merged into Oivan last year, we knew that the combination will be a strong player in the field of digitalization and cybersecurity. Since June 2020 our team has grown from 90 up to 135 and we keep growing and serving our beloved customers.

Thus, after more than eight years of operations in Thailand, Oivan expands to the Thai capital, Bangkok or known in Thai as Krung Thep (กรุงเทพ), which roughly translates as ‘City of Angels.’ Although our office in Khon Kaen is the ideal place for those looking to escape the busy city life and have a casual, relaxed lifestyle, Bangkok is still the center point of business and innovations. Over the last years, our team has laid out a solid foundation for long-term partnerships in Thailand, working with leading banks and telco operators like AIS on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Tech projects. The close cooperation with our client teams often required on-site presence and recruitment of new experts who may be with the client all the time, which shifted our recruitment plans from Khon Kaen to Bangkok.

Despite that, Bangkok is the center of significant events and business networks, making us sure it’s the right time to put our footprint in this vibrant city. Our new office locates in a co-working zone rounded by Spaces Summer Hill. It is a genuinely inspiring place where you feel inspired for new ideas and evolves new business relationships. The perfect ratio of startups and mature businesses gathered under the same roof makes us think at the right place of the Thai business eco-system. For those who can’t live without a coffee, there is a coffee shop right in the middle of the co-working zone. The best part is the staff serves it right to your office.

We’re right in the heart of the Phra Khanong neighborhood, which is well-known for its stimulating mix of residential and office buildings, authentic Japanese restaurants, and just a few min access by train to the downtown. Oh right, I almost forgot to mention that the entrance to Phra Khanong BTS (Subway Line) is just 50 meters from the office, making this place super accessible and convenient to travel to any part of the city. Oivan is a truly global team with over 130 experts based in 6 offices worldwide.

While I’m writing this blog, there are just 4 of us in the Bangkok office, but we have a place for many new talents. So, I warmly invite you to go to our careers page now and see if you may be the right fit for our BKK team! And yeah, feel free to drop by and have a chat if you’re in the Phra Khanong area. Our team would be glad to give you a tour of our new office and discuss how we may work together!

Reach out to us if you are interested in joining Oivan team, not just our new Bangkok office. Let’s Talk! Send us an email to contact@oivan.com, use direct emails or our chatbot at the bottom right of this page. We look forward to hearing from you.