Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring Services For Both on-Premise- And Cloud Infrastructures.

We provide a full range of managed monitoring services for both on-premise- and cloud infrastructures. We design and implement end-to-end monitoring solutions with the right KPIs for your business case. We monitor the availability, network connectivity, performance and security of your infrastructure and applications 24/7. A central monitoring and alerting system provide a holistic view of the health of your systems and any potential threats.

Automated Monitoring Tools

Infrastructure monitoring is only effective when its automated, preferably by a single system for monitoring both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. Depending on the maturity level of your existing monitoring and alerting practices, we start from small and simple. The objective is to provide you the right amount of data at the right time to understand the status your infrastructure and applications.

Through the Automated Monitoring Tools, your organization gains a clear picture of the metrics that really matter: CPU, memory, disk, and network health, for your on-premises servers, virtual machines and cloud instances. All key machine-resource metrics are displayed in a single view. More advanced monitoring and usage of KPIs provide answers to questions, such as “How did the 4 hours of downtime affect the organization?” or “What is the increased cost of reducing our network availability?” or “Can our processes be optimized to reduce the amount of downtime we have?”.

Vendor Independent Architecture

We feels strongly that no client should be forced to select a monitoring system based on the equipment manufacturer. Instead, we believe in using generic, often open source solutions, to build a solid monitoring and alerting system exactly matching your business needs and enabling future growth. Sending alerts and escalation paths can be customized per your requirements and communication tools, e.g. email, SMS and different chat platforms, used by the organization.

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