Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure Operations

Full Range Of Managed Monitoring Services

We provide a full range of managed monitoring services for your on-premises and cloud infrastructure and applications. We design and implement end-to-end monitoring solutions with right KPIs for your complete business case. We monitor the availability, network connectivity, performance and security of your infrastructure and applications around the clock. A central monitoring and alerting system provide a holistic view of the health of your systems and any potential threats.

Cloud And Business Transformation Consulting

We help you translate your business strategy into a cloud strategy. The benefits of using cloud services depend on the type of industry, organization and its IT maturity level. Oivan’s cloud and virtualization advisory services cover the entire range from A to Z, from strategy to design and implementation to smaller assignments such as specific technical challenges.

Incident Handling

We leverage our long experience with cloud infrastructures and open source systems to minimize lead times for incident handling, while optimizing the rollout of new initiatives
We are constantly developing our work practices and tools, for example, by utilizing automation scripts and leveraging automation APIs provided by the cloud service providers for quick service provisioning and reducing slow/error-prone manual work.

Tools And Processes

We utilize tools and processes based on industry’s best practices, ITIL-style, but adjusted to the agility required by modern organizations, especially keeping in mind the criticality, defined SLAs and continuity of the services in the service catalogue.
We keep our personnel knowhow and expertise up to date by continuous internal training and knowledge sharing.

Flexible Partner

We can provide custom operations solutions to achieve the targeted SLA, up to 24/7 support for high-availability business continuity.
We are a flexible partner and can pull in more resources and expertise for ad-hoc projects as per our client’s needs.

Network Operations and Support
  • Coordination and planning with business owners and providing consultancy on the best possible solution to achieve no-single point of failure and to ensure scalable throughput to meet the required SLAs
  • Maintaining the connectivity between various infrastructure segments (cloud, on-premise data centers, remote branches, third party vendors/providers)
  • Service performance and availability monitoring and reporting
  • Troubleshooting and incident handling, including escalations
  • Redesign for upgrades, and migrations of the infrastructure’s communication links, devices and topology
  • New service provisioning, and decommissioning of obsolete services
  • Applying a layered approach, using stateful firewalls for traffic control and defense in depth
Server Operations and Support
  • Coordination and planning with business and application/service owners and providing consultancy on the most cost-effective and practical solutions in terms of criticality, security, scalability, resiliency, current and forecasted resources
  • Managing the provision and operation for infrastructure servers including physical and virtual servers
  • Security hardening for software, hardware, physical and logical architectures
  • Inventory management for infrastructure IT assets needed for the services in the service catalogue
  • Server monitoring (network reachability and response, OS level KPI monitoring such as CPU, memory, storage, application level monitoring such as end-to-end service level availability, response time and security)
  • Availability management (OS image backups, configuration backups, database and user file backups, disaster recovery, storage infrastructure)

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Head of System Operations
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Enterprise Sales
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