Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

User Persona Is The Key

Our mobile app developers have built several award-winning apps, ranging from electric vehicle charging to gamified loyalty for nutrition products.

Prototyping is a natural part of the mobile app design process and below you can find an example of our easy-to-use checklist for prototypes.

If your organization has created an app for either iOS or Android and would like to add the missing platform, our mobile team can create the platform version cost-efficiently and quickly.

What We Develop

In many cases the best way to mobile app development initiative is to first execute a quick planning project that first analyses the core need and intended user personas of the planned application.

Our senior experts then create a best practice recommendation on how the app should be developed while our service designer creates wireframes on the core functionality of the service. The end result of the planning project is a fully executable production plan including core user stories, wireframes and design ideas.

Cross Platform

Take advantage of modern frameworks which make coding easier and create interactive mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, with a single codebase.

Native Apps

Build each application specifically for one mobile platform  iOS and Android which can be easily installed through an application store, like Google Play or Apple’s App.


Depending on the need and use case, we can also create a secure, multi-functional and well-documented backend system for the mobile app.

Big Data & AI

We will help investigate the pros and cons of using the latest technologies like Big Data, AI, and Machine learning.

Criteria For Choosing A Technology

Cross-platform mobile development has multiple advantages for a developer. First of all, it allows you to reuse a significant amount of code, meaning there are less time and effort to put in. The utilization of cross-platform makes the production typically cheaper and faster. For a business, less time spent in development also equals to an earlier release– and, in turn, quicker profits.
Nevertheless, there are some cons as well. The platforms you’re developing for might sometimes have different feature support levels for each platform, which will put certain limitations on the user experience. If you choose to use a cross-platform mobile development framework, you might also find out that some native features are missing. These compatibility issues might make you turn to native Android or iOS development tools.

Do You Need a Unique Mobile App?

We are 100% invested in each client’s unique goals. Each project is seen through, start to finish, by a dedicated team and a single project manager. Clients have real-time visibility to project progress and a friendly project manager from Oivan to address any questions or concerns.

Once we have established that our expertise is an excellent match with your needs, we assemble the optimal team for your project from our team of 100+ software and service developers. We work in 1-3 week iterations while communicating continuously via Slack or Microsoft Teams. Our DevOps and agile development methods give you complete control to prioritize development in real-time. This service is excellent for business model-driven operations that want to outsource technical development for an expert organization.

Contact us and let’s create together some great apps!

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