Web App Development

Web App Development

About The Web Apps

Web apps are accessed via the internet browser and will adapt to whichever device you’re viewing them on. They are not native to a particular system and don’t need to be downloaded or installed. Due to their responsive nature, they do indeed look and function a lot like mobile apps  and this is where the confusion arises.

Our team uses proven open-source technologies to create human-centric web services that can scale up to millions of users.

Microservice Architecture

When we create a new customer-specific web app, we typically choose the modern microservice architecture as a foundation.

Microservices have gained popularity in the market as businesses work towards building complex and larger applications that can be segregated and handled as a compilation of smaller services. There have been an increasing number of companies  looking to redesign their traditional monolithic systems into a sequence of single independent microservices.

The microservices architecture is a development methodology wherein you can fragment a single application into a series of smaller services, each executing in its process and interacting with lightweight mechanisms. The microservices are developed around business capabilities, which are independently deployable with an automated deployment mechanism. The microservices architecture needs a bare minimum of management of these services, built-in different programming languages, and employs other data storage technologies.

Process Adaptation

With a microservices architecture, new technology, and process adoption become simple.

Small Modules

As the application is broken into smaller chunks, it is easier for developers to develop and maintain.

Auto Scaling

Each module in microservices can scale independently through either vertical (more CPU & memory capacity) or horizontally  (several virtual machines running parallel) scaling.

Deployment & Unaffected

Each service in microservices architecture can be independently DURS (Deployed, Updated, Replaced & Scaled) and failure of a single module won’t affect the remaining part of applications.

Criteria For Choosing A Technology

With microservices, we can build a reliable platform to extend the business while taking advantage of language diversity. The microservices architecture can come with lots of operational overhead; hence adding a diverse programming language can exponentially raise that performance overhead. To reduce that, we standardize your microservices technology stack by choosing the programming language based on your business needs. Here are some criteria to evaluate the programming language for microservices development:

  • Support for automation
  • Consumer-first approach
  • Independent deployment
  • Decentralization of components
  • Support for continuous integration
  • Modeled around business domain
Do You Need a Web App Development Team?

We are 100% invested in each client’s unique goals. Each project is seen through, start to finish, by a dedicated team and a single project manager. Clients have real-time visibility to project progress and a friendly project manager from Oivan to address any questions or concerns.

Once we have established that our expertise is an excellent match with your needs, we assemble the optimal team for your project from our team of 100+ software and service developers. We work in 1-3 week iterations while communicating continuously via Slack or Microsoft Teams. Our DevOps and agile development methods give you complete control to prioritize development in real-time. This service is excellent for business model-driven operations that want to outsource technical development for an expert organization.

Contact us and let’s create together some great apps!

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