Just over 2 years ago, Jennifer Riley started her current role as a Project Manager with IWA Ltd. At the time, the sister company NXme had operated in Saudi Arabia for 18 years. After 18 years, Jennifer was the first woman to come on-site and work for Oivan customers in Riyadh.

NXme and IWA merged into Oivan last year, but that has not been the only thing that is transforming:

“There has been a tremendous amount of change even in the two short years I have been coming here – and yes I do drive a car”. Jennifer says from Saudi Arabia.

First woman on-site Saudi Arabia


Working in Saudi Arabia has its unique perks as well according to Jennifer: “As a bonus, after what can sometimes be very heavy consulting weeks, it is always refreshing to go on an adventure in the desert, go for a hike, and take in the scenery.” 

First woman on-site Saudi Arabia


Jennifer encourages other people like her to keep an open mind and to seriously explore any opportunity that comes their way.

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