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We believe that extraordinary expertise in design and technology can solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, and the winning way to build fantastic expertise is to bring together the best talent worldwide.

Our expertise Our expertise


Service Design
UX/UI Design
Product Design
UX Research


Digital Architecture
Web Development
App Development
Bitcoin & Blockchain Development


Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Application Security
Infrastructure Security
Security Operations
Adversary Simulation
Security Awareness


Alien Vault
Arctic Security
F5 Networks
Fusion Layer

Infrastructure & Cloud

Cloud & Virtualization
Infrastructure Operations
Infrastructure Monitoring
Specialized Services
Managed Services

Design by Oivan

Design is more than good looks. From overall experiences to customer journeys, from brand visuals to the tiniest button on a web service, everything needs to work together to create a delightful encounter for the end-user.

To achieve this, we offer user research, UX/UI design , service design and prototyping.

Service Design

Service design is about finding the best possible solution to the problem using sophisticated research and design methods. Service design defines relevant and enjoyable customer journeys and customer interactions across digital & physical service touchpoints.

Technology by Oivan

Software development expertise, combined with deep experience in digital transformation, and effective architecture designs, lead to solutions that have a lasting impact. Our wide expertise, supported by our deeply rooted cyber security knowledge, allows us to build solid systems from startup mvps to government e-services with millions of users.

Bitcoin Service Development & Digital Asset Management

Our background in building Bitcoin services started in 2013 when our team developed and launched a complete Bitcoin broker service that is still operational and growing under new ownership.


Cybersecurity by Oivan

Oivan has outstanding expertise in technology and cybersecurity. Our team has an excellent academic and industrial background with more than two decades of experience in protecting and empowering the operations of our clients and partners. 

Cybersecurity Services

We provide a wide range of cybersecurity services to help our clients and partners protect their operations from cybersecurity threats.

Cloud & Infrastructure by Oivan

We design, build and operate leading-edge cloud and virtualization solutions for your organization’s needs. Our expertise focuses on Amazon Web Services (AWS), STC Cloud, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

Cloud & Virtualization Expertise

Oivan’s professionals design the best architecture for your workloads and implement cloud best practices for cost efficiency, security, and scalability, either as a private, hybrid, or public cloud solution.


We are experts in setting up and configuring several leading SIEM, application firewall, IPAM, collaboration and network security solutions.

We are also Nextcloud partner, which means that we help you plan, test, implement, operate, and monitor your Nextcloud solution.

We work together with:

Nextcloud, Alien Vault, Arctic Security, F5 Network, Fusion Layer and SSH

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Whether you want to discuss the latest developments in digital service innovation or have an idea for a service for your organization, we are always happy to talk.

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