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Digital technology is at the epicenter of business transformation, enabling organizations to evolve their business and operating models and gain a competitive edge.

We treat every client organization uniquely. We want our clients, you, to succeed in innovation and change management, considering relevant regulatory frameworks to drive growth, cost-savings, and investing in tomorrow’s success.

We believe digital technology will play a significant role in your organization’s success and help you address critical initiatives such as visionary business models and game-changing growth.

The Oivan team’s technology skills, human-centric approach, regulatory knowledge, and global geographic reach allow us to help you reach excellence in digital transformation, achieving your strategic ambitions swiftly while respecting your risk tolerance.

Our digital technology services cover the following domains:

Digital Architecture

Since 1998 our team has designed and built market-leading digital services for governments, corporations, SMEs, and startups. We build our experience developing multi-million user services on our mission of being the “digital force for good.”

Web App Development

We have over 100 in-house web developers continuously working on large-scale projects to deliver high-quality web applications. As our client, you will have real-time visibility of our project progress and a friendly project manager from Oivan to address any questions or concerns.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers have built several award-winning apps, from electric vehicle charging to national housing services, and our team is excited to build a market-leading app for your organization. Alternatively, if your organization has created an app for iOS or Android and wants to add the missing platform, our mobile team can make the platform version cost-efficiently and quickly.

Bitcoin Service Development & Digital Asset Management

We have an in-house Bitcoin service development and digital asset management department serving clients interested in this rapidly developing field.

Technology Services

Digital Architecture

We focus on financial services, retail industries, and commercial and governmental housing. We have successfully helped several clients migrate to the following cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Heroku. Furthermore, our DevSecOps experts work with regional cloud providers, such as STC Cloud.

Vendor Lock-Free Solutions

One of our guiding principles is never to create vendor locks for our clients. Therefore, we only use well-documented, mainly open-source solutions and provide you with the information needed to operate your systems with any operator of your choosing.

Critical Operations Capability

Aside from designing and developing your digital services, we will happily operate them and keep them updated and secure. With our experience managing critical governmental systems since 1998, we dare say we know what we are doing.

Deep Experience

When you have an experienced operations partner that knows your digital service and your business inside out, you can safely focus on your core business. We got you covered.

Technology Services

Web App Development

This service is tailor-made for business model-driven operations that want to outsource technical development for an expert organization such as Oivan. Our DevOps and agile development methods allow you to prioritize development in real-time. We work in 1-3 week iterations while communicating continuously via Slack or Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, our proprietary Enhanced Distributed Teams model provides both the benefits of onsite senior consultation and the scalability of an international distributed team.

Process Adaptation

With a microservices architecture, new digital technologies and process adoption become simple. The Oivan team’s deep experience in this field allows our clients to benefit significantly from this rapidly developing trend.

Modular Architecture

The solutions we develop become easier to build and maintain as we divide the developed application into smaller chunks. Our battle-tested expertise in using modular architecture in massive productions, such as the e-government platform Sakani, provides remarkable efficiency gains for our clients.

Auto Scaling

Each module in microservices can scale independently through either vertical (more CPU & memory capacity) or horizontal (several virtual machines running parallel) scaling. This approach makes modern web services highly reliable and elastically scaleable.

Deployment & Unaffected

Each service in microservices architecture can be independently DURS (Deployed, Updated, Replaced & Scaled), and failure of a single module won’t affect the remaining part of applications. This methodology adds another significant layer of reliability for micro-service deployments.

Technology Services

Mobile App Development

In most cases, the best way to initiate a mobile app development project is to execute a quick planning project that analyses the core need and intended user personas of the intended application. Our experts then create a best practice recommendation on the optimal way to develop the app, while our service designers create wireframes on the service’s core functionality. The result of the planning project is a fully executable production plan, including core user stories, wireframes, and design ideas.


Take advantage of modern cross-platform frameworks that make coding efficient and create interactive mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase.

Native Apps

Build each application specifically for one mobile platform. Native app development projects are often slightly heavier than a cross-platform approach but result in highly polished apps that use iOS and Android platform-specific features.


Depending on the need and use case, we can create a secure, sophisticated, and well-documented backend system for the mobile app. The backends we develop work in all market-leading cloud infrastructures, such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Big Data, AI & Machine Learning (ML)

Our team is happy to support your organization in navigating the rapidly evolving big data, AI, and machine learning landscapes. While the Oivan team can offer a one-stop-shop for standard AI & ML tasks, we can also augment our offering with leading AI experts from our Nordic partner company for highly advanced work.

Technology Services

Bitcoin Service Development & Digital Asset Management

Our background in building Bitcoin services started in 2013 when our team developed and launched a complete Bitcoin broker service that is still operational and growing under new ownership.

Bitcoin Saving

In 2022 we launched Hatch, a modular and highly customizable white-label app for buying and saving Bitcoin, targeted at legacy businesses wanting to add Bitcoin saving as a new feature in their service portfolio. Read more about Hatch here.

Digital Asset Management

The management of tangible, intangible, and complex assets is rapidly becoming more efficient with the integration of blockchain technology. While preferring to work with the Bitcoin blockchain, we are proficient in using Hyperledger Fabric, which we utilize in certain B2B cases.

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