Hatch – The White-Label Bitcoin Savings App by Oivan

“Anticipating the growing institutional adoption of Bitcoin services, we used the expertise gathered over the past ten years to build a white-label Bitcoin savings app platform. It’s an excellent tool for any financial services company wanting to give their customers the chance to buy and store Bitcoin securely, to launch to market in months rather than years.” – Rami Korhonen, Oivan CEO

Bitcoin Saving

Millions of people use Bitcoin as long-term savings technology, and the number grows yearly. Having survived multiple bull and bear cycles, the underlying fundamentals behind Bitcoin keep improving.

Bitcoin’s 21 million hard cap juxtaposed to perpetual money printing worldwide, has turned Bitcoin into “digital gold.” But unlike gold, Bitcoin moves digitally worldwide in minutes and can be stored securely with 24 words.

Initially used by techies and subcultures, Bitcoin is now increasingly a part of the modern financial mainstream, with S&P500 companies using it as a treasury asset, nation-states declaring it legal tender, and banks adding Bitcoin trading in their service portfolios.

Hatch By Oivan

At Oivan, we’ve been building reliable Bitcoin services since 2013. At the time, Movila (now part of Oivan) launched the Coinmotion Bitcoin broker service, which it later sold to Prasos, now called Coinmotion.

From late 2020 to early 2021, the Bitcoin-minded team members of our 220+ person strong IT consultancy created a task force to build the first version of the white-label Bitcoin savings app Hatch. We launched version 1.0 in April 2022 and are working on helping financial institutions add Bitcoin savings to their service portfolios worldwide.

Main Features

  • Account management
    • Possibility to connect existing account management (SSO)
    • Multi-factor authentication methods
    • Customizable KYC/AML
    • Integrated brute-force mitigation
  • Deposit local currency (EUR, USD, etc.) to Hatch
  • Buy bitcoin with deposited local currency
  • Store bitcoin in Hatch’s highly secure internal wallet
  • Withdraw bitcoin to own wallet
  • Bitcoin learning center

Flexible Configurations

Hatch is a fully modular white-label platform, allowing several configurations, including:

  • Launch the Bitcoin savings service as a stand-alone app or web service.
  • Launch the Bitcoin savings feature as a section of an existing fintech app.
  • Work with a 3rd party regulated backend provider, while Hatch provides the customer-facing frontend.

Bitcoin Education

Aside from the technology and UI, Oivan provides educational resources for institutional clients, ranging from executive-level Bitcoin workshops to videos and wikis about Bitcoin and its recommended use cases.


Oivan develops Hatch with a modern software development stack:

  • Modern architecture design built with Golang, PostgreSQL, and Docker.
  • Golang advantages: compiled, fast, scalable, compatible, easy concurrency.
  • The system supports both local and cloud hosting.
  • Easy to configure and integrate into existing services.
  • Security-first architecture.
  • Flexible source code, easy to customize and develop further.
  • Full source code access to the client.

While we heavily recommend that individuals and organizations focus on Bitcoin rather than the wider cryptocurrency market, Hatch can also support other virtual assets in case the client requires it.

Let’s Talk

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