We Design And Build Digital Products

and platforms that take companies’ businesses to the next level.

We immerse deeply into your market area to understand how it operates.

We’ll audit your business against your competitors, aiming to identify if you are meeting your customers’ needs and can there be room for improvement. Some activities include:
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Design audit
  • Marketing analysis and qualitative research
  • Desk research

and learn the intricacies of your business to formulate the hypothesis’.

Research and interviews are some of the key, well-established Service Design techniques that we’ll use to put this into practice. Some activities include:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Knowledge building on the user journey
  • Benchmarking

We validate the hypothesis and define the scope.

Now, we can go ahead and test high-fidelity prototypes with real users to get the best possible insights before going into production. Some activities include:

  • User Experience and Interface design
  • Hi FI Prototyping
  • User validation
  • Data driven iteration

Design offering from concept to launch

Design Systems

Our team specializes in developing and overseeing Design Systems, starting from the fundamental building blocks and extending to intricate patterns and their documentation. If your goal is to design on a large scale, we can support your enterprise.

Design packages

Uncertain where to start? We’ve got you covered. Our tailored design packages offer a quick turnaround of just 5 days. Connect with our Design Director to kickstart your project today.

Service Design

We create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences for your customers in unique contexts to meet their needs.

UX/UI Design

We think big picture, after all you want an experience that works flawlessly and looks delightful.

Product Design

From ideation to production, we create meaningful and products that add value to your business.

UX Research

Insightfully enhance the design process for products and services by learning end users’ needs.

Featured Projects

Virta Group


VALO Hotels


The Design Practice at Oivan

The design practice at Oivan started from the necessity of integrating world-class user experiences into our highly advanced software projects. This discipline encompasses a wide range of skills and diverse perspectives, not only from a technical standpoint but also in terms of human resources. With representatives from nine different nationalities, our team embodies a remarkable amalgamation of cultural diversity, resulting in a captivating tapestry of unique viewpoints and exceptional insights.

Whether you want to discuss the latest developments in digital service innovation or have an idea for a service for your organization, we are always happy to talk.

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