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Our Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

1. Application chevron

We take about 1-2 weeks to process your application and give an update! This usually depends on the priority of the role compared to other roles.

1. In your application, we would like to see a LinkedIn profile, a few bullet points about your overall experiences, your hard skills and of course your relevant experiences. Please mention your location and if you are willing to relocate.

2. For software and design-related roles, we would like to see your GitHub profile or portfolio.

2. Call with our People and Culture team chevron

Here you will have a 15-30 min call with our TA, HR Coordinators or HR Managers.

No need to prepare much! We will discuss about the role, project, team, and of course yourself!

3. Test Assignment chevron

You will be asked to complete a short assignment. This is important for us to understand your skills in action. Of course, this depends on the role and position you interviewed for.

4. Meet our Team chevron

Here you get to meet your team members and get to know in detail about the project. Depending on the step above, this may be in a group interview format.

5. Meet our HR Manager chevron

In some cases, you might need to meet our customer but if this is the case we will let you know.

6. Join our Team chevron

Welcome, at this point you have signed the contract and we have moved to the onboarding phases.

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