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Welcome to the distinguished collaboration between OIVAN and SSH Company. We’re excited to introduce a joint offering from OIVAN technical expertise and SSH’s security solutions, a transformative approach that redefines the digital security landscape for your organization. The advanced, custom-tailored security solutions SSH offer with technical integration expertise from OIVAN strengthen your infrastructure security defenses to the utmost level. Discover how these services and technologies can become an invaluable asset to your enterprise, ensuring a fortified and resilient digital environment.

About Oivan

Oivan represents the pinnacle of digital innovation and secure transformation. Our global cadre of professionals is adept at architecting, implementing, securing robust, compliant, scalable digital services and infrastructures. Our mission is to propel businesses to the forefront of the digital era by developing sophisticated digital platforms and comprehensive cybersecurity systems. Read more about OIVAN services and expertise here.

How Oivan Contributes to Consulting and Technology Deployment?

OIVAN technology integration and consultation expertise lays on deep understanding of technology combined with world-class experience on tailoring and deploying digital and security solutions that best fit our clients needs, priorities, and budgeting constraints. SSH products enrich the portfolio of OIVAN business partnership and spectrum of security solutions.

OIVAN approach to technology integration and consultation is:  

Oivan’s expertise in integrating SSH’s state-of-the-art solutions into diverse infrastructures is unparalleled. Our consultancy approach is meticulously tailored to each client’s unique landscape, ensuring optimal deployment and seamless operational integration. Through our strategic guidance, SSH’s technology transcends being merely an update; it becomes a pivotal element in fortifying your organization’s cyber resilience.  

About SSH

SSH has long been recognized as a trailblazer in secure communications and network access. SSH provides defensive cybersecurity solutions and related services for critical and sensitive data in use, transit, and rest. SSH solutions deliver security based on the Zero Trust principle: Never Trust – Always Verify. Learn more about SSH here.

SSH’s Premier Solutions


PrivX® offers a Zero Trust Just-In-Time Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, ideal for complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It simplifies privileged access, managing various levels of user privileges efficiently. With certificate-based access, it eliminates the risks associated with persistent credentials. Integration with Active Directory and role-based access control streamlines user privileges, enhancing security and compliance. PrivX® boosts operational efficiency and is designed to scale your business, from small to large enterprises, ensuring just-in-time access with no credentials left behind.

Secure Collaboration 2024

Secure Collaboration 2024 by SSH is an advanced solution meticulously designed to fortify your team’s collaborative efforts. With an emphasis on robust encryption and stringent access controls, it offers an impregnable fortress for your communication channels and shared data. This comprehensive suite ensures that every digital interaction is protected, providing peace of mind in an era where data security is paramount. With SSH’s expertise, you can ensure the digital security of your enterprise’s most valuable assets.

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