City of Helsinki

Design and implementation of a common and secure proxy platform

City of Helsinki

The Client

City of Helsinki needed a common way to securely publish internal applications and remote working access to city personnel and 3rd parties over Internet.

The solution

Common and controlled secure proxy based entry point for publishing, securing, authenticating users, and giving role based access with single-sign-on to nearly 100 internal applications depending on their security needs. Also highly scalable secure access point to remote users. F5 Networks BIG-IP platform as highly adaptable proxy integrating to nearly 100 different applications and 3rd party services, Splunk for logging.

Built for the future

From the beginning, the system was designed so that it could be flexibly expanded for future needs. The outbreak of the Covid crisis caused just such an urgent need. Oivan was able to expand the platform in the spring of 2020 on a very fast schedule so that almost all of the city’s employees were able to work remotely.

Photo by Nicolas Messifet on Unsplash