Cloud Solutions

The Client

Cloud Solutions is the software development house and leading technology provider for Al-Habib Medical Group, largest private healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other healthcare providers in the Middle East. Cloud Solutions develop and operate critical IT infrastructure for managing healthcare information systems. Moreover, the company has deployed latest technologies to enable offering modern and excellent healthcare services.

The Solution

The objective of the software assurance maturity assessment project is to evaluate the maturity of Cloud Solutions software development function and understand the security practices followed during the software development activities using a holistic approach that looks into organizational and technical measures having effect on the security posture of developed products. The assessment covers several practices followed during software development e.g. existing organization strategy, policy and compliance and education and guidance; Threat assessment, security requirements for software architecture, build and deployment; Defect management and requirements-driven testing; Operational and incident management where the software is deployed.

Our security experts have embraced the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model v2.0 as an aiding framework to assess the relevant practices from five business functions: Governance, Design, Implementation, Verification and Implementation. This endeavour helped the organization to uncover and identify existing and missing measures needed to create secure software.