Optimizing Network and Security Operations for a Client

Enhancing infrastructure and compliance

Non disclosed client

The Client

The client’s goal is to enhance the efficiency of the financial sector by addressing challenges and improving the quality of government financial e-services. As a key player in innovation, the organization focuses on employing modern technologies, supporting small and medium enterprises, promoting local content, increasing competitiveness, improving beneficiaries’ experience, measuring performance indicators, and standardizing procedures and integration between beneficiaries.  

Oivan’s experts collaborated with the client to optimize network and security operation practices.  

The Project Aimed to

  • Evaluate the client’s network and security infrastructure implementation and operation maturity. 
  • Establish necessary network and security operating procedures and processes to ensure compliance with national security controls. 
  • Develop an action plan to improve the center’s infrastructure and critical platforms’ compliance with national security controls.

Throughout the project, the team of experts engaged with several members from various departments, such as GRC, Networking, Security, Design, Telecom, and Infrastructure. These interactions helped identify existing organizational roles, responsibilities, practices, and challenges.  

Several meetings and workshops were conducted to determine and correlate the root causes of different situations and required remediations to establish technical procedures and processes to enhance the infrastructure operation service level and compliance with the local cybersecurity controls.

Feel free to contact Dr. Bilal Al Sabbagh, Head of Cybersecurity at bilal.alsabbagh@oivan.com for more information.