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The Client

Rakennustieto, Building Information Group, is a publishing house and the leading provider of construction-related information and literature in Finland. Together with its parent organization, Rakennustietosäätiö RTS, and their predecessors, they have been promoting good and sound building and property management practices since the beginning of the 20th century.

“It is easy to say ‘customer first‘, but time after time Oivan has made good to its promise, and kept their priorities aligned with us. Oivan’s genuine urge to understand, and keep up with our business, goes a long way in aligning our long term interests”

Heimo Salo, Deputy Managing Director in charge of R&D and IT at Rakennustieto

Digitalization of Rakennustieto’s publishing efforts began in 1997 by delivering their Building Information File via CD-ROMs, and soon after by expanding their service offering also to the web.

Oivan has been working with Rakennustieto since early 2013, when Rakennustieto started gearing up development efforts of their next generation online services.

After a series of successful projects delivered to both Rakennustieto and Rakennustietosäätiö RTS, Oivan’s role has evolved from being only a supplier of software development services to being an active discussion partner for Rakennustieto.

“Oivan’s focus on the long term effects of the choices we make today is what we are looking for in our partners. Besides being able to bring new ideas to the table, Oivan is not afraid to challenge the existing ones”

Jouko Kanerva, Product Development Manager at Rakennustieto

The Solution

The latest fruits of the cooperation can be seen across the recently launched new generation of Rakennustieto’s core online services. Their user interfaces are based on Rakennustieto’s new proprietary user interface library, which, in turn, is based on the Bootstrap framework, and developed and maintained by Oivan.

Another recent example of the successful cooperation is Rakennustieto’s new RT Tietoväylä, which provides the Rakennustieto’s end users with a single unified channel to access all of Rakennustieto’s service offering. The new RT Tietoväylä, also based on Rakennustieto’s new user interface library, can be found at