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Thai Credit Union Bank

IT infrastructure assessment for retail banking business

Financial Services

The Client

Thai Credit Union is a bank that focuses on retail banking with headquarters in Bangkok and a branch and lending outlet nationwide.

“Oivan’s report was clear, practical, and detail-oriented. The suggestions they provided were all based on their understanding of the situation. During the process, the team remained collaborative despite the effects of the pandemic.”

Chris Chan the CIO of Thai Credit Union Bank

The Project 

The project was a typical assessment where Oivan came in together with the current situation; existing infrastructure, stock-take on inventory, and issues and pain points.

The customer also provided a high-level business roadmap as one of the critical inputs toward the target IT architecture and infrastructure requirements. Oivan’s team then provided a detailed report laying out the future model and the infrastructure development roadmap recommendations.

The project was carried out with three Oivan consultants involved in the project, with expertise in IT infrastructure and operations, IT security, and Cloud computing and adoption.

“Oivan was flexible and resourceful; the project pulled in additional resources from another region to help on specific topics on which we all need expert advice.”, Chris Chan, the CIO of Thai Credit Union Bank