3 Amazing Benefits When Working in a Multicultural Team

We founded Oivan on the idea that extraordinary expertise in design and technology can solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

We believe that the winning way to build fantastic expertise is to bring together the best talent worldwide. Today, our over 150 person team works from over ten countries and comes from over 20 nationalities.

In our mission to be the digital force for good, we have found that the combination of our Nordic values, and superbly multicultural team, gives us a unique advantage in providing excellence in digital transformation and cybersecurity for our clients.

“Responsibility, Fellowship, and Reliability are the values that guide us in our everyday work. It’s inspiring to see how our team members from over ten nationalities combine these values with their fantastic personal cultural backgrounds every day at Oivan.”

Rami Korhonen, CEO of Oivan

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In this blog post, we are pointing out 3 amazing benefits that we are proud to have in our multicultural team.

Some of the Dubai team at Lunch

Improved Productivity Levels

A multicultural team brings different talents together. When employees work towards a goal they use different sets of skills.

We found out that with a multicultural team, employees gain new skills from learning from each other’s experiences. Also, they bring fresh ideas to a particular project by thinking outside of their comfort zone.

Some of our Saudi Arabia based team enjoying the weather

Increased Creativity

Another benefit of a multicultural team in the workplace is the increasing productivity among employees.

Therefore, having a multicultural team can provide the team with a different and new perspective like solving problems, making decisions, and last but not least boosting creativity. We conclude that creativity would definitely be high in that multicultural environment.

Employees’ Growth

Working in a multicultural team can be a bit challenging when it comes to different cultures and stereotypes. But while working in a multicultural team employees are exposed to cultures.

When managing your multicultural team well, your employees will all benefit and grow. When a team is working on a particular project they will learn about other cultures, how to interact across cultural barriers, and to develop a more open mind while they learn to be more flexible.

From our experience, a multicultural team can bring many advantages to business. For example, employees can bring together their different talents, experiences, and various skillsets to come up with creative and inventive solutions.

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