IWA Invests in Their Employees’ Well-being Even During the Summer Holiday Season

Modern corporate culture demands flexibility, dynamism and adaptability from both employer and employee. In practice this means adapting to surprising turns and changes, sometimes within very limited timeframes. Flexibility and adaptability are also being implemented in the long run via holiday planning, remote working possibilities and flexible working hours. These contribute not only to the employees’ comfort and well-being but also feed enthusiasm and motivation.

IWA represent the peak of technical developments and solution models within several industries. At the same time we are somewhat of a torchbearer in modern work culture in that we nurture communality and offer flexibility concerning working hours and holidays. These types of opportunities are an especially important factor in the day-to-day challenges of employees with families. When work is able to adjust to the ever changing situations of family life, family life tends to better adjust to the demands of daily work. The result is a mutually beneficial symbiosis.

Our employees perceive the possibilities and benefits of flexible working hours as extremely positive. Every employee, regardless of position or experience, is afforded the same opportunities of very flexible working hours. This way work will not inordinately burden the daily life of those with families, or that of an employee simultaneously studying for example, rather it adjusts to the needs of the individual. Many jobs can be done without adhering to strict hourly schedules, so flexible working hours facilitate a number of arrangements regarding both holidays and everyday challenges.

Beside flexible working hours, holiday planing has also been made easy at IWA. Our employees have the opportunity to arrange their summer holidays as they see fit as long as client projects and all agreed upon work gets sorted out. This is especially important for employees with families since day care centers in Finland close their operations for the duration of July. In addition to summer holidays, unpaid leave is easily utilisable. This makes longer holidays with remote work periods both domestically and abroad possible.

We have offices in Thailand and in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Working at these destinations is attractive to our employees since the employee can easily incorporate a family vacation into their remote work period. We try to make it easy for our employees by arranging child care help if needed. This is the subject of IWA’s Business Development Manager Anu’s blog post Combining Work and Motherhood.