Oivan Recognized as Leading App Developers by Clutch!

Oivan prides itself in disrupting previously conceived notions. We apply a human-centric lens to the digital world by understanding that customer service is a key differentiator amongst companies. We use a two-pronged approach to maintain our dedication to being different.

Firstly, we support our clients from innovation to development to operations. Our 1-3-week development cycles allow us to delve deep to create exactly what our clients want and need. Secondly, we support our team to develop and grow professionally and personally. We believe a happy office leads to happy team members which leads to happy clients.

Our philosophy has helped us to be identified as not only as a leading mobile app development company, but also as a part of the leading Thailand developers category by Clutch.

Clutch, an independent company based in Washington D.C., is a B2B ratings and reviews company. However, they bring a personal touch to the dry ratings process by actually speaking with our clients on the phone, gathering data to verify our market standing, and by applying an unbiased lens to offer a true representation of a company.

The phone interviews with our previous clients are the real reason why Oivan could shine. One of our projects with Flioz Ltd. was to develop a native IOS app. We created the front-end, back-end and helped launch the app.

“They were always eager to get our feedback and make things smoother and smoother,”

said the CEO

Our success doesn’t stop there. We have also been featured in Clutch’s sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest team’s market research indicated that IWA’s philosophy actually works. One such project was working with a guitar lesson company where we re-developed their website and created a custom CMS.

“Loads of positive feedback indicate that everybody loves the website. In guitar land, there are a lot of internet nerds and programmers that seem to like the guitar as well. I get a lot of strong, opinionated feedback, and it was overwhelmingly positive for the new site.” 

Owner, Guitar Lesson Platform

To give a holistic view of our services, Visual Objects allows companies to feature and showcase their past projects as a digital portfolio. We were categorized as one of the best web developers on Visual Objects.

“We’re proud that our work as a designer and developer of successful digital services has been recognized this way. We’ve evolved from a source for pairs of hands into a company that helps clients realize their digital businesses”

says CEO Rami Korhonen

We are glad to see that our customer-centric approach has actual impact that has been measured by Clutch. We appreciate our clients for collaborating with us and look forward to bringing a touch of humanity to the digital world!