Oivan is now one year old as a company. Our “big bang” was when a cybersecurity consultancy and a digital transformation boutique, which had been cooperating for years, merged in June 2020.

The founding vision of Oivan was that extraordinary expertise in design and technology could solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. The winning way to build fantastic expertise is to bring together the best talent worldwide.

Once we had clarified our vision, our mission became easy to define

We are the Digital Force For Good, and our work empowers our clients to reach excellence in digital transformation and cybersecurity. We live by our Nordic values of Responsibility, Fellowship, and Reliability.

For the past 12 months, we have been working hard in turning our vision and mission into action

  • Over 400.000 families have found their homes through the Sakani e-service we have developed for the National Housing Company in Saudi Arabia.
  • Our team grew to over 150 people from 80 one year before.
The new Oivan office in Riyahd
  • In 2021 our average monthly revenue has been over 1 million Euros when last year it was 700.000 Euros.
  • We have opened two new offices, one in Bangkok and one in Riyadh.
Oivan Bangkok office 2
New Oivan Bangkok office cafe
Oivan Bangkok office
New Oivan Bangkok office

Enhanced Distributed Teams model (EDT)

Most importantly, the operating model we’ve been developing for a long time, Enhanced Distributed Teams (EDT), served our clients tremendously well during the challenging circumstances the world has experienced since last year.

The idea of EDT is that we combine the best parts of onsite consultation, remote working, and internationally distributed teams into a well-oiled process that produces outsized results for our clients.

For example, the Sakani platform case has a project team of 50 people, out of which 90% work at our international offices. But from our client’s perspective, we have senior software architects, business analysts, and project managers onsite at their office at nearly all times.

In other words, our client gets white-glove concierge-style onsite service, while our internationally distributed team of experts does the heavy-lifting in this massive project.

Here’s what National Housing Company’s Technical Solutions and Operation Director Muhannad Al Salman had to say:

Working with Oivan experts accelerates your digital transformation and takes your customer experiment and satisfaction to the next level.

Another example of EDT in action is the project we are doing for a national bank in Thailand. Our Head of DevSecOps, Jerry Jalava, who works at our Bangkok office, is the lead expert at the client’s premises. In contrast, our senior operations experts work remotely for the project from the comfort of their own homes.

We are firm believers that the end is near for the industrial way of teamwork, where people are squeezed into cubicles and forced to commute to a single workplace every day. EDT and remote work are the future. They allow for a superior way for matching tasks and talent and allow better work-life balance for today’s digitalization experts.

The second half of the year will be full of exciting projects for the Oivan team. We are hopeful that we can soon meet our colleagues at Thailand and Vietnam offices in person. In Finland, we have finally been able to have a few park gatherings, and they have been splendid.

I have also traveled to our Riyadh and Dubai offices this year. It has been fantastic to meet our clients and team members formally and informally. I got especially fond memories from my time in Saudi Arabia in April during the holy month of Ramadan.

Most of the Oivan Riyadh team

I was working closely with our Business Development Consultant Hicham, who was observing the fast diligently. Almost every night, Hicham invited me to join Iftar, often joined by our Business Analyst Huthaifa. It was fascinating to see the Ramadan tradition in practice. Only jogging 5km every morning was helping me from gaining massive weight during my trip. Iftar dishes were one the best Arabic foods I have ever tasted.

Oivan Riyadh lunch

I look forward to having similar dinners with my colleagues in Thailand and Vietnam. Many of whom I have not yet met in person due to the Pandemic.

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Hero photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash