Oivan Ranks Among Europe’s Top IT Consultants

2020 was a memorable year for everyone. The pandemic’s impact has sent ripples along with different industries including the ever-evolving IT sector. It was genuinely a time of uncertainty for everyone — but, fortunately, that didn’t stop the IT industry from flourishing.

In fact, IT services and consultations were one of the most in-demand services then. That is because of the sudden shift from on-site work to work from home dilemmas.

Here in Oivan, we provide in-depth IT consulting services for clients in need. We are a digital force for good and we’re determined to solve your IT problems. Our company creates and operates human-centric digital services for international clients. 

Quite recently, we found out that we’ve been recognized as one of Europes’s best IT consulting agencies. Clutch, an established B2B ratings platform, lists of top companies from different sectors to help companies find credible vendors. Their team objectively collects and analyzes data to provide accurate ratings. Being acknowledged by them is a huge privilege for any agency.

To be considered for a Clutch award is absolutely overwhelming, and to win it feels amazing. We can’t express enough how grateful we are. We appreciate everyone’s support, and we dedicate this award to our stakeholders, team members, and especially our clients.

This is a great and fruitful start for our 2021. We hope to have more successful projects ahead.

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