Renad in RiyadhRenad in Riyadh

One of the First Saudi Women Working at Oivan

Where did all the time go? Is it starting to fly? I completed a year with this fantastic company. A year full of success and learning new technologies was indeed a tremendous year! I hope we have a great year ahead with many achievements and successes.

Who am I?

My name is Renad Alsaleh, and I work as a System Administrator in Saudi Arabia at Oivan. Before I joined Oivan, I was a student. Most of the technology I have learned was during my academic track. So, from there, I have progressed to be a junior system administrator. I have got the chance to learn a lot of technologies and had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects and technologies.

First-year at Oivan

I started my journey at Oivan on the 1st of December 2020. The Head of System Operations of Oivan interviewed me, and I was given a hands-on exercise as part of the interview process. The exercise was challenging, but I managed it successfully and got admitted. On the first day at the CITC office, everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I was excited to start working, but I was also feeling a bit nervous as this was my first job ever, and I was a fresh graduate when I got accepted to this job.

Renad at her desk oivan
Renad at the Oivan Riyadh office

“All in all, I have been delighted to work for Oivan and experience the company values: Fellowship, Responsibility, and Reliability. These values are the golden guidelines that keep me motivated and do my best for my colleagues and company.”

As one of the first Saudi Arabian women working at Oivan, I have felt that all cultures are welcome throughout the time. Everyone in Oivan treats each other like family, which is precisely the most lovable thing.

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