The Sakani platform developed by Oivan has been awarded for a great UX

Oivan has been developing the digital services of the Saudi Ministry of Housing for several years. Development work has been done by utilizing the Enhanced Distributed Teams (EDT) process model it has developed, with a small number of Oivan specialists working at the customer’s premises, with most of the development being done by the company’s five international offices.
Long-term cooperation has paid off, and the services developed already have hundreds of thousands of monthly users. One of the products is the Sakani platform, which covers a wide range of housing-related services. With the help of web and mobile applications built into the service, buying a new home has been accelerated from the previous process, even for a year, to only a few days.
It is possible to acquire housing through the services, but they cover a much more comprehensive range of services. Suppose, instead of a ready-made apartment building, you are dreaming of building your own detached house. In that case, the service also covers this process entirely digitally, starting with the plot’s acquisition to finance the construction project itself.

The digital leap implemented has been significant and is now also awarded in the internationally acclaimed Customer Experience Magazine’s annual iCXA 2020 competition, which organizations from 35 countries attended.

The Saudi Ministry of Housing’s digital services developed by Oivan won two gold medals in the categories: “Digital Transformation” and “Best User Experience Measurement.” The services also won two bronze medals in the categories: “Best Utilization of Mobile Applications” and “Customer Experience at the Heart of It All.”