Saudi Arabia Had Over 7 Million Cyberattacks in the First 2 Months of 2021

According to local reporting, during the COVID-19 pandemic, over 7 million cyberattacks hit Saudi Arabia in the first two months of 2021.

The report from the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said that the number of attacks had extremely increased by 104% from 983,512 in February to 2 million in March. The increase in Saudi Arabia’s cyberattacks happened at the same time with the government´s announcements restricting office work and other activities.

In 2020, Saudi Arabia saw more than 22.5 million brute force attacks on remote desktop protocols (RDPs), the most popular way to access Windows or servers.

The report said that one of the most common attacks was against the protocols used by employees to access corporate resources remotely, emphasizing the need for cybersecurity awareness.

Companies need to pay attention to these cybersecurity threats. They need to make sure that they have applied adequate security controls to keep their systems and networks secure and data protected.

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