Srum Master Course

We believe part of being an Oivan employee is about self-growth and being your best self. That is why Oivan always provides professional development opportunities for employees and goes hand in hand with them. Hang Vu, our Business Analyst took Scrum course with other five employees of Oivan and shared her experience with us.

Oivan scrum master course vietnam

How did you know about Scrum course at Oivan?

When joining the Oivan team in Vietnam, I was thrilled to learn that the company is investing in its people and adopting the Scrum framework in several projects. Oivan Vietnam office already had six professional certified scrum masters. I joined them with my five colleagues in a two-day onsite training course with a highly experienced trainer before taking our Scrum Master certification test together.

Hang scrum master course

Have you had previous experience with Scrum?

I was already familiar with Scrum while working at a product startup before, but I was enthusiastic about working with Scrum at Oivan. Although I held an Agile Leadership certificate, I was not equipped with professional Scrum training and was looking for many options for learning more about Scrum. Also, I had several hands-on experiences and failures in introducing the Scrum framework to my past organizations. Therefore, I was looking forward to this course to gain the needed insights and proper training about the Scrum framework and how it enables software development teams to deliver useful working products.

How long did the course last?

The class took place over a weekend, yet we all were motivated and energetic. All thanks to the insightful presentations and various class activities that showcased how Scrum can be applied in real-life scenarios. Misconceptions between project mindset and product mindset were well explained. The trainer made sure that we understood the Scrum framework and Scrum values by heart so that we are able to recognize how some of our old practices are potential impediments to Scrum. In addition, as a team, we reviewed course materials and went over the available mock test. As a result, all of us scored well above 90% on the test and are proud to join the group of scrum masters at Oivan!

“This course far exceeded my expectations. I thought I’d just get “talked at” by the instructor, taking notes, trying to keep myself awake. Instead, the course was pleasantly interactive and engaging. I loved getting hands-on and working with a great team of wonderful people at Oivan. I am excited to join other certified Scrum Masters to facilitate the Scrum framework in Oivan”

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