Rabi working from NepalRabi working from Nepal

Software Developer Working Remotely in Nepal

We had a chat with our Software Developer Rabi Malla who moved to Nepal for family reasons and works completely remotely from home.

How would you explain your role as a Software Developer at Oivan? 

It’s fun and exciting to work as a Software Developer. Sometimes it is challenging too. Working together with designers to make cool designs and prototypes, then converting these to a fully functioning application is quite an interesting thing to do.

Tell us something about your experience when working remotely.

I moved to Finland in 2011 to study. In 2016 I started working at IWA (pre-Oivan started in 2009). For family reasons, I moved back to Nepal in March 2021. When I had a discussion regarding if it’s possible for me to move to Nepal and work remotely, the process with the HR team was very easy. I was very happy when the HR team was very supportive.  

Being able to live and work from Nepal is amazing. To work completely remotely from my own home is something I would not have imagined a few years ago. I am really grateful to Oivan for making this possible. It’s nice to have a company of family but it can also be a bit tough to focus on work. Small things can distract easily. So, it’s quite important to find a balance between work and family.

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Rabi in Nepal

What do you think is the most important part of being a Software Developer? 

Being able to understand the requirements and making something that is valuable to the end-user is the most important part of being a Software Developer. Also, in what I do I need to be creative, think outside of the box, and to be spontaneous.

What makes you happy working at Oivan?

Things that make me happy about working at Oivan are the working culture, flexible work hours, support for remote working, and great colleagues. Also, as a multicultural company, Oivan has the possibility to travel to offices in different countries that are in Finland, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam. Also, there is a big chance to grow. “Grow with Oivan” program in the company provides great opportunities for career growth for Oivan employees to improve their skills or to learn new ones.

If you weren’t a Software Developer, what would you do as a profession? 

I have not really thought about this, to be honest. But before coming to Finland to study Business Information Technology in 2011, I was considering studying engineering in Nepal. So, I would have become an electrical engineer.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  

In my spare time, I like walking around and playing with my dog (her name is Flora), hanging out with friends, and spending time with my parents.

Rabi’s tips to encourage other Web Developers

  • Have a mentality of lifelong learning, so you can be updated with the ever-changing world of technologies. 
  • It’s okay to not memorize everything, even most senior developers google small details every day.
  • Practice the new things you learned, perhaps as a hobby project. 

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