How would you explain your role as a Lead UX/UI Designer?

I used to work as an entrepreneur, and now I’ve been running my projects comprehensively in both UX/UI in a similar way to when I used to work with my clients. Overall, I see my role as very independent. When working on a project, I’m generally responsible for creating wireframes, prototypes, and designs for a better user experience. I start the projects by collecting the source data, researching, and evaluating clients’ requirements to get a good understanding of the common goals we are aiming to achieve. First, I create the user experience flows and rough initials for the visuals, then start building from there to deliver an outstanding user experience and an exceptional, intuitive design. Usability is the key.

What does your normal typical day look like?

I normally start my day at around 9.00, but that depends on whether I go to the office or work from home. Creative work sometimes leads me to divide the hours, and I might work late in the evening.

Mainly I spend my days working on the projects, each with their deadlines. Usually, the projects have a weekly cycle, but I am frequently in contact with the developer, project manager, and product owner. There often are some calls during the day with the clients to keep the workflow going forward every week.

What are your superpowers as a Lead UX/UI Designer?

My background is in graphic design and I have some competence on the front-end side as well. I find it a very good combination for UX/UI designer role as it makes it easier to understand the possible technical solutions and limitations etc. Also, I still have a good visual eye for the details. I am a pretty self-lead person, and I like to be in contact with clients. I find it very natural to work comprehensively on whatever project I am working on. Also, I want to think outside of the box when working with clients, and I assume it has been working pretty well. When I am working on a project, I like to get 100 % into it and I make sure that I do as much research as possible to make sure that I fully understand the whole picture before I start designing.

“If I don’t have any knowledge about a subject that I am working on, I do my research to get a solid grip on the particular subject.”

What do you love the most about your job?

What I love the most about my job as UX/UI designer is that it varies by project. I also enjoy the logical part of it, for example designing the user experience because it combines logic and creativity. My work is also very flexible and allows me to work remotely if I wish.

How would your teammates describe you?

My teammates always say that I am very good at providing great ideas when working on a project together. I am also known as a person who follows deadlines.

I am also very welcoming when a new person joins the team or the company. They might describe me as trustworthy, energetic, positive, and easy to work with.

Anna’s 3 top tips to encourage other UI/UX Designers

  • Keep improving your skills and keep updating your knowledge.
  • Place yourself in the position of the users in the projects.
  • Be a people person, so you understand how people work and behave.

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