We had a chat with our Junior Developer Jussi Salmio about his first days at Oivan.

Junior Developer Jussi Salmio mentioned that Oivan is more multicultural than he realized beforehand.


I have about 20 years of work-life behind and I’m in a process of transitioning from a project manager to a developer. Having studied web development at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences for almost a year led me to look for a Junior Developer position.

I knew Oivan (called IWA back then) from the past for having worked with them as a customer. That project had a designer in Indonesia and developers in Finland and Southeast Asia, which worried me having seen multiple failed offshoring cases. All for nothing. There were no problems with a distributed working model. The project was launched successfully and left me with a good impression of the company.

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Jussi at his desk

Recruitment process

When I started looking for a developer position I chose four Helsinki-based web companies that had a good reputation in my books. I contacted one of the people I knew at Oivan and the process got off rapidly. We had an unofficial chat on the phone the next day and had an official in-person meeting with HR and the tech unit director within a week of the initial contact. Things proceeded so fast that I had to play for time with Oivan to get the other processes at speed.

However, the more we spoke the better match Oivan felt for me. Flat organization, minimal bureaucracy, high level of autonomy, promise ‘Digital Force for Good’ resonating well with me. Also, opportunities and support for learning and the professional people. The more I got to know of Oivan the less important it felt to hurry with the other recruitment processes.

First weeks at Oivan as a Junior Developer

So far the promise has stood firm. I was over warmed by how talented and helpful professionals have made my start easy. I got to choose my tools for work and the means of communicating with the whole Oivan team globally are in place.

I am soon jumping to my first customer project and I am eager to get my hands dirty with the first customer project. We’ll have a decentralized Oivan team, customers abroad, and a meaningful project fulfilling the Oivan promise Digital Force for Good.

It’s good to be here.

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