Oivans exercise for charityOivans exercise for charity

We Donate to Charity While Exercising With Colleagues

Oivan employees playing Rehaboo! at the Helsinki office while keeping a 2 meters distance and obeying regulations.

In the year 2021, Oivan has started making regular monthly donations to charity to varying charitable organizations. The organization we donate to is chosen by our employees, who win our company-wide monthly Rehaboo! Active challenge. Typically, we have contributed to charity around once a year. Still, now the donation is divided each month, making it possible to support lots of different causes throughout the year.

“We love helping others, and donating to charity was already familiar so the idea of regular donations was brilliant.”

What is Rehaboo?

With Rehaboo! you can play on your computer to take a break from your busy workday. It gets you up and moving for a few minutes and works with a motion-sensing camera with no need for any wearables. The only thing you need for playing is a laptop with a built-in camera and some space for moving around. The game includes tasks like squatting, climbing, jumping, and running. You can do all of this in front of your desk at the office or at home when working remotely. Playing Rehaboo! is a great way to exercise and playfully compete with your colleagues. The game is fun and good for your physical and mental health. It makes a difference and the winner of the monthly challenge gets to choose our next donation target.

From April onwards, we have been donating 50 € every month to different charitable organizations. The winner of the challenge is the one who has played most actively and will choose the donation target.

During our first monthly Rehaboo! Active challenge, we decided to donate 50€ (1,400,000 VND) to Saigon Children’s Charity in Vietnam. The organization helps disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam with a quality education relevant to their needs. Saigon Children’s charity offers different programs for child development, preparing for work, special education, and even building schools.  We are very excited to take action and help where it is needed.

The first monthly winner chose an excellent charity

The winner of our first monthly Rehaboo! Active challenge, Viktoria Krokis, chose an excellent charity for May’s donation: Monika-Naiset Liitto Ry (Monika-Women’s Union). This organization helps immigrant women and improves their status in Finland. Monika-Naiset Liitto offers immigrants a crisis center, women’s shelter, and a rehabilitation center, among other things. They also have an online crisis chat and a crisis phone number with help available in many languages. The Monika-Naiset organization’s goal is to improve women’s equality with an immigrant background, prevent violence against women, actively influence and enhance women’s position nationally and internationally and support multicultural women’s activity through member associations. We will donate 50 € to their cause this May.

Oivans exercise for charity

We want to be the Digital Force for Good, not only for our clients but also outside of work. Every small contribution is significant, and we will be making many this year.

Thank you for reading this post and learning about Saigon Children’s Charity and Monika-Naiset Liitto Ry. Have a sunny and joyful start to the summer!

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