Varjo VR Junior Software DeveloperVarjo VR Junior Software Developer

Working on Varjo VR as a Junior Software Developer

We had a chat with our Junior Software Developer, Tino Kankkunen, about the fantastic work of his project on Varjo VR.

What great things are you working on Varjo VR?

I’m currently working on a couple of proof for Oivan’s major enterprise clients. I’m aiming to deliver an immersive and practical real-estate house tour -demo and a virtual recreation of the Helsinki Oivan office where the user can walk around, interact with the environment, and change the outside weather and time of day dynamically by the press of a button.

Varjo Aero headgear

What is VR, and what can we achieve with it?

VR stands for Virtual Reality. A commercially rising technology that is bridging the virtual world and reality closer together through wearable headgear and equipment. With Varjo’s cutting-edge VR technology, we can achieve an astounding level of detail and realism to enhance the experience of feeling like the user would be present in the virtual world. There are countless ways that we can utilize this. For example, in the marketing business, merchandise can be displayed directly to the customer in VR instead of taking extra time to travel in real life. Another good example would be the ability to display 3D spaces and buildings, walk around them, and see or change the materials of things or furniture, all done quickly. VR is constantly evolving and progressing to become part of our lives.

How do you like working at Oivan so far?

Oivan is fantastic. From the very first day, I’ve been super welcomed here. While I love what I get to work on, the people are what makes it all so great.

“At the office, there is a positive and encouraging atmosphere where everyone is very open-minded, and I feel like the colorful backgrounds of the employees and their nationalities truly ignite the Fellowship, Responsibility, and Reliability in everyone.”

Why did you decide to do your trainee work at Oivan?

I found this opportunity to work at Oivan through Jouni Suutarinen, VP of Marketing, who gave me a tip to apply. My skillset matched the requirements and description of this summer job, but the turning point was the values of Oivan as a company, and I’m most grateful to be part of it all.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my spare time, I enjoy going out with my friends, playing games on my PC, and learning new things in general. I like to challenge myself, so when playing video games, I play on quite competitive levels and always look for self-improvement.

What advice would you give to others interested to do their training at Oivan?

Shoot for the moon! If you have the chance to apply for training at Oivan, I can hand down highly recommend it. The working environment is top-notch with great benefits and infinite coffee!

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