Sakani site visitSakani site visit

Visiting Sakani Full Service Center

Jennifer Riley, one of our project managers in the Sakani software development teams had a chance to visit the Sakani Full Service Center in Riyadh and she had a great opportunity to have a tour.

Sakani Full Service Center is a location where Saudi citizens can come and see in person if they are eligible to purchase various properties like villas, apartments, townhouses, etc. There are four such locations in Saudi Arabia. After the Saudi citizen does the initial check-in, they get to walk around an exhibition center of displays broken up into two floors.

Jennifer Riley and Mohannad Aldubayan at the Sakani Full Service Centre

On the first floor, each of the property developers has a stand/booth where they can display the various properties they have available.

On the second floor are located stands for each of the banks who might provide financing to the various beneficiaries.

At these locations, a beneficiary can initialize the purchase of a property in an hour or less! This physical journey mimics the online digital solutions for the Sakani platform during the past 3+ years. When new slots of property are launched, they are released at these locations and online at the same time to give both online and physical sites equal access to the new properties being launched.

Developers at the Sakani Centre
Developers at Sakani Service Centre
Developers Architectural Diagram Sakani
Developer models at Sakani Service Centre

Oivan has been involved in developing the Sakani platform over the years. This platform affects hundreds of thousands of families each year and empowers them to purchase their own homes for the first time.

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